Takapuna Peak Pilates Staff’s experience, and consideration given to me, has far exceeded all my expectation of what benefits I could possibly have achieved. I hope to be able to continue to enjoy their hospitality, and professional expertise for many years to come, Many Thanks

Joy Jones

I always look forward to Panda’s classes. What sets her apart as an instructor is her excellent attention to form and technique. For me this has been especially appreciated, in order to help counter existing skeletal/muscular issues. Panda’s ability to guide, correct and challenge you ensures you get the most from her classes.

Simone Powell

Peak Pilates Takapuna has enabled me to become stronger, improve my balance and address chronic or problematic body areas. It is definitely a benefit that sessions can be used for physiotherapy to treat injuries and Pilates to build strength. Twice a week sessions have made a noticeable and positive difference to my life.

Marjean Jones

I try to never miss Amanda’s classes. It is clear that she carefully plans each class, but can alter her plan depending on her client’s strengths and weaknesses. I always find Amanda’s classes challenging, fun and effective. I’d recommend Amanda as an instructor to anyone wanting to extend their Pilates ability and improve their results.

Claire Goldwater

My friend Michelle and I have been taking two-on-one sessions with Steve at Peak Pilates Takapuna for over 5 years now. We love it! Steve always works around any areas of injury and keeps our sessions interesting and fun. It has made a real difference to our overall core strength and fitness.


I joined Steve at Peak Pilates about 4 years ago with my daughter as we were given a voucher from my son/brother. Due to having a family my daughter had to stop going, but I have continued on as Steve works with me on all my sore bits and I think I have remained in a pretty good shape. Even though I sometimes can turn up feeling unmotivated, Steve, who is patient, always motivated and good fun, gets me working hard, for which I am grateful.

Judi Wallace

I have been coming to Peak Pilates for the last 10 years. My physio Vanessa is awesome and her professionalism and holistic approach to treatment has helped me overcome numerous sporting injuries and kept me fit and active. In addition to their professionalism, there is always a great atmosphere where you have fun and enjoy your session.

Mark Phillips

Peak Pilates Grey Lynn is an unbeatable go-to studio for beautifully taught Pilates and, should you require, excellent physiotherapy. The staff are highly trained and get results. They are also good fun. Holly Thorp in particular has impressed me with her tenacity as a physiotherapist who considers all options. She is currently doing fine work in helping overcome a painful shoulder injury.

Catherine Perry

I am an 80yr old lady and joined the Peak Pilates Takapuna Studio 4 years ago. At the time I could NOT lift my arms above my head, touch my toes, walk in straight line, get up from the floor without assistance and afraid I may have to stop driving as I had very restricted movement turning my head.

Now I can do all of the above and much more. I highly recommend Peak Pilates Takapuna


I’d often read about the value of Pilates and finally joined Peak Pilates to try it for myself. I’m turning 50 this year and felt I needed to add more of a whole mind and body focus into my exercise programme.

I love the way I feel after the class, I feel as if every part of me has stretched and strengthened. I can see and feel the difference Pilates is making – I sleep better, I move more freely and I’m developing a lifelong practice that will support my core strength and posture. It’s become an essential part of my well-being programme.


What a great team at Peak Pilates Takapuna! Having never done Pilates previously I was a little apprehensive about starting, but I was immediately put at ease by Colleen and Steve and the team. I was made to feel welcome and it took very little time to feel at home and now I just love going. The instructors are fabulous. They make you feel at ease and tailor the sessions to suit the fitness level, but at the same time encourage you to attempt all exercises. I would recommend joining Peak Pilates to everyone – it’s a great experience and it’s great for fitness and health.

John Cooney

I am a professional ice skating coach working for over 38 years. As with many physical sports this means I have to keep my body in the best shape possible. At 58, a mother of three and grandmother of six, I am under no illusions of becoming a super model.

Peak Pilates has kept my body mobile. Aging and accidents have taken a toll. Over the approximately 10 years that I have been going to Pilates the amazing team of instructor and physiotherapist have helped me with recovery and mobility. With a prolapsed disc in my back and major neck surgery the team still are able to help keeping core strength and flexibility. I definitely could not live my life without Peak Pilates. I strongly recommend it for every walk of life.

Debbie Darvill

I have been a patient of Zara O’Shaughnessy since August 2015. The specialist diagnosis was for a 12 to 18 month recovery period. Under Zara’s care, the recovery time has been about eight months.

Zara manages that balance between support and challenge to ensure your treatment and recovery are as quick as you can manage. I’ve been treated by a number of Physio’s over the years and have found Zara to be simply the best. Her hands on, exercise based approach has seen me recover from a serious injury in a far quicker time frame that I could have hoped for.

The combination of traditional hands-on physiotherapy with the Pilates exercises has also made me the recovery enjoyable.

Brett Walters

I started at Peak Pilates about 2 years ago doing just 1 reformer class per week. I was hoping to strengthen my body so I could run pain-free. Within a short time, my long suffering Achilles pain was gone, as was the lower back pain. How I wish I’d started Pilates before running a marathon.

I’ve stuck with Amanda’s class throughout. She always starts by asking if there are any new concerns, or what we would like to include in the class. Amanda is really attentive –ie you can’t get away with doing anything incorrectly! She is caring, funny and really knowledgeable. Somehow she has taught me to be aware of how my body works and how to isolate my muscles. After a recent arm surgery, she has pushed me hard through my rehabilitation, enabling me to achieve what I was quite tentative to try.

I can highly recommend Amanda’s classes and hate to miss one.

Vicki Patterson

Peak Pilates was recommended to me by a Doctor at Whitecross in 2012. I was “post operative” and experiencing severe back pain. It was recognised I needed to strengthen the ‘core’ to support my back. I started with weekly physio, my goal was to become strong enough to join the “prep pilates” class. I was taught basic techniques by my physio at Peak Pilates as I moved towards readiness to join these classes.

After a period of about 12 months in the ‘prep pilates classes” I moved up to reformer class. I was thrilled when I achieved an excellent level of strength and was “planking”. I have been a regular Peak Pilates since 2012 until now. I suffer pain during periods of absence (such as a flu/public holidays). I have had ongoing challenges and find with regular pilates and a physio which Peak Pilates offer – I can be pain free. When I have had a ‘set back’ each ‘physiotherapist’ (I have had four different ones over time) has managed my progress, and worked to get me back ‘on track’.

In recent months I have experienced the most notable improvement with Kelly Powell streamlining both physio and Pilates. This has been particularly challenging for her because this has also been the most difficult period with my particular injury.  Even though my injury is most unusual and it would be fair to stay ‘complex’ Kelly has demonstrating outstanding willingness to learn about it by asking relative and critical questions. Kelly did not hesitate to refer me to a specialist and to follow up on his findings this has had very positive results both with my medical / osteo advancement and my psychological well-being. Kelly leave  ‘no stone unturned’, thinks on her feet and is extremely proactive and intelligent.

In the last two years (approx) The management of the Grey Lynn branch has moved from good to excellent/outstanding with the addition of David as Manager, the cohesion is tight and extremely professional and as regular I greatly appreciate David’s professional and ethical approach, it is unshakable from what I have observed.

Caroline Matson

I initially visited Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy in St Heliers looking for relief for a very painful lower back problem. After the initial physiotherapy sessions I found Pilates the perfect way to recuperate and also build up my strength and conditioning. The physios at Peak took special care to target exercises to my needs whilst working to improve my core strength, flexibility and fitness.

I have enjoyed the improved sense of well-being that Pilates has brought me so much that four years later I am still continuing with weekly conditioning with weekly conditioning sessions to help maintain these improvements. I find the sessions instructive, challenging and the friendly team at Peak easy to get along with.

Peter O’Connor