What is a crooked body?

As described by Robin McKenzie, a crooked body is a lateral shift where the upper body has apparently tilted to one side, and the back pain associated with this condition. This is common in patients with disc herniation. Pain and/or tingling sensations can be felt from the lower back to the feet.

What can you do?
Self-correction is possible!

Lean your shoulder and elbow (elbow bent at 90 degrees) against the wall, feet away from the wall. The other arm rested on the outer waist. Patient should start moving the hip sideways towards the wall. Repeat this side-glide 10 times. In order to stand upright, take a step towards the wall.

After the side shift is corrected and body is in alignment, followed by back extension.

Note: everyone is different. If you are unsure and/or there’s an increase in symptoms, please contact your nearest Peak studio to receive an official assessment and guidance from a registered physiotherapist.

True Story: a client came in recently with left lateral shift. After a series of hip side-glide exercises, standing posture and symptoms improved. And most importantly, sleeping quality improved!

Day 1: before treatment.

Day 1: after treatment. 

Day 2: after treatment.