Refer a Friend and Recieve a $10 Voucher

Refer a friend

Pilates is great, it makes you feel great, it makes you mentally ready to live your life and gives you the feeling of physical well being to get through your days. If you could help someone else feel as great as you why wouldn’t you?

As a special incentive for all members, new or old, we are offering you a bit of a referral fee for every new member you introduce to us. Not only do you get a rather nice $10 voucher, but we also give your friends 25% discount off their introductory session with us.

Our pilates classes include:

  • Mat classes
  • Reformer classes
  • Spinalates
  • Combo
  • Private
  • Semi-Private
  • Exercise Rehabilitation and  Pregnancy to name just a few.

That doesn’t even begin to cover the physiotherapy, acupuncture, sports therapy and more that our centres offer. You probably know someone right now that could benefit from the experience our superb staff have to offer, get them involved and you could dramatically improve their health and well being. Pilates is not only for physical health, the social factor has a lot to do with feeling great, being a part of a group that shares a common interest is very rewarding in itself.

Our classes are kept small so everyone gets the attention they need, there are no huge numbers involved, no fighting for space, no struggling silently, we are dedicated to giving you the personal attention you deserve in order to maximise your time with us. If you are already a member then you will know first hand of the we work, the way we work for you. If you are not a member then come along and see what offers we have for you, everyone is welcome here.

Share this experience and get rewarded, not only for yourself, but a discount of 25% means that the person you introduce can experience Peak Pilates unique systems for themselves and save a few dollars in the process.

Auckland is an alive and vibrant city, with busy lives there is stress and limited facilities for looking after yourself, Peak Pilates aims to solve that problem by offering a place of calm, a place where people can feel good about themselves both mentally and physically. You would be surprised by the positive impact on your life, the lives of those around you can be when positive energy is allowed to be restored. Spread a little caring and sharing this year, introduce a friend to the positive world of Peak Pilates.

For your nearest studio please see our list here.

We hope to see you soon