Peak team guidelines 

Health and safety – COVID-19 Alert Level 2

Please note this guide is a living document and will be updated as information from the Ministry of Health is released during the Alert Level changes. Please check both this document and the Ministry of Health website regularly for updates and changes. When we know more, we’ll let you know.Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions – we may not have all the information right now, but we will do our best! 

Thank you

  • First – thank you for your kindness, respect and most of all your patience.  The Ministry of Health is working as hard as they can – as are we, to keep you informed
  • We acknowledge the stress everyone’s under.  It’s an extreme situation!  We’re confident  we can get through this together safely
  • If you’re struggling – say so. Talk to a colleague or your manager, a problem shared is a problem halved
  • As always we ask that you keep safe and keep connected to us.  We are a little team with buckets of commitment and an absolute willingness to assist you in any way we can

Current Ministry of Health COVID-19 advice

● Physical distancing measures will still be in place in Alert Level 2

  • The Ministry of Health has released no details on what Level 2 will look like – they are still being developed. Businesses are only allowed in very limited circumstances (for example providing health and care services) to have workers in close personal contact with each other or with clients.
    (Additional safety measures are likely to be required, like appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, such as a face mask and or gloves.)
  • Our high-level measures for Level 2 include:● Risk assessment, staff communication and training has been undertaken to make sure everyone understands how the practice will operate under each level
  • Screening for COVID-19 symptoms prior to in-person appointment
  • Physical distancing measures
  • Infection prevention control measures including PPE, unless client requests otherwise
  • Group classes will continue with physical distancing in place
  • Cleaning protocols and infection prevention control procedures have been reviewed and put in place
  • Equipment is not to be used, unless absolutely necessary, and  must be thoroughly cleaned after each use
  • The current “register” of face to face consultations with the Board is not required


To make sure everyone feels safe when coming to Peak studios in Level 2, we’ve compiled guidelines on the measures we will take. These points are designed to guide conversations with your clients. 


  • Disinfecting our equipment and physio beds after each use. Our team continues to observe high levels of hygiene, for example washing hands after each patient contact – we even have a hand washing protocol and all staff are audited on this
  • Disinfecting door handles, eftpos machines & frequently touched surfaces, every hour on the hour
  • Plates pillows will be in a zip lock bag
  • We are washing all physio towels, blankets, covers and Pilates cushions twice weekly, though clients are encouraged to bring their own pillows and towels
  • We’re adding more disposable wipes and spray stations throughout the studios
  • Hand sanitiser clearly displayed at the door with a sign that every client or staff member must use it upon entry and exit to the studio
  • Hand sanitiser and single use disinfectant wipe stations in every physio room, at reception and easily accessible throughout the clinic
  • Washing our hands with soap and water often (for at least 20 seconds), then drying thoroughly
  • We’re avoiding sharing tools and personal objects like pens, phones, clipboards, or cleaning with disinfectant e.g. disinfectant wipes after each use
  • Systems have been put in place to eliminate physical contact with and between patients, for example use contactless processes for paying  such as online or phone payments and the reintroducing of paywave. We are discouraging cash payments
  • Gloves are a provided option for clients and patients to use while in our clinic, including during classes
  • Spraying all reformer straps with Dettol Glen 20 between each use. Reformer straps for client purchase – They are welcome to contact or
  • Clients are not to change their own springs during classes, unless instructed to by their instructor/physio
  • Reducing the amount and frequency of pilates equipment used during classes for level 2
  • Closed bins for disposal of used cleaning materials
  • Physios and massage therapists will be personally escorting patients and clients into the treatment rooms, opening and closing all doors on the client/patients behalf, to minimise surface touching
  • Encouraging clients to sanitise and clean the equipment they used after the class

Physical distancing

  • Maintaining physical distance between physio consultation rooms, by having the physios sticking to one room per day each, minimising cross contamination and allowing sufficient time to clean and disinfect rooms between clients
  • Keeping class numbers small to help minimise risk
  • Maintaining appropriate  physical distancing during Pilates classes
  • At times we may ask our clients to remain in the car prior to appointments to ensure the waiting room maintains distance between people. If you notice a busy waiting room as you arrive please give our reception staff a call or wave to let them know you have arrived and when your physio or instructor is ready, we will call you in. Thank you for your adaptability and understanding.
  • Our Pilates reformers have been moved further apart to minimise any risk
  • Our group pilates classes will not be hands on
  • Verbal client consent for physical contact with instructors and physios for 1 on 1s
  • Contact tracing – keeping track of anyone  entering our premises via ezybook and a sign in sheet for new ‘visitors’, including potential contractors onsite eg: Courier drivers, electricians etc
  • Studio doors to remain open, for increased air flow
  • All staff will wear masks unless discussed and agreed with the client/patient  

Safety first

  • Ensuring people with COVID-19 symptoms stay off the premises, by screening patients/clients and placing signage in studio stipulating risk minimisation
    • Instructing colleagues and clients to stay home if they have any symptoms  like fever or runny noses
    • Directing people who are identified as having such symptoms to call Healthline (0800 358 5453) or contact their general practice
  • Contact tracing – keep tracking of anyone entering premises via ezybook and a sign in sheet for new ‘visitors’, including potential contractors onsite eg: Courier drivers, electricians etc
    • This information is important for the process of contact tracing, should it be required, to track down and prevent the further spread of COVID-19. The register will be kept for at least 2 months
  • Providing public health messages and posters at business premises to support good hygiene practices
  • Reformer straps for client purchase – they are welcome to contact or
  • Water fountains at Peak are out of use. Signage will be placed. Clients are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. No glasses of water can be provided unless there is an emergency.
  • All unnecessary items have been removed from reception and waiting areas
  • Surfaces kept clear and clean, removed magazines, pamphlets, excessive furniture, waste bins, water coolers etc
  • Where possible, we will  allow only the patient to be present in the clinic; a carer or guardian may be allowed to accompany the patient in appropriate circumstances so long as they are screened first and are free from COVID-19 signs or symptoms
  • Physiotherapists are to fill out any paperwork and forms for the patient (sign with cleaned pen), if contactless forms are not available (as when doing Telehealth). Note we are awaiting advice from ACC as to whether ACC45 forms may be signed by the physiotherapist. We will update you as soon as we can