Are you constantly frustrated with the same old pain that has been coming back for hours, days, months, or even years? Have you been experiencing that constant dull ache in the background of your daily life? Have you seen a masseur, chiropractor, natural-path, neuropath, specialist etc., yet are still having the same issues pop up over and over again?

Why don’t you give neurokinetic therapy (NKT) a go?

David Weinstock, the founder of NKT, has developed this system to treat the causes of poor movement patterning, which is likely triggering your pain. This system helps to trace the source of pain to its root in the motor control centre (MCC) of the cerebellum. The MCC stores all movement patterns and directs their completion via the spinal cord and muscles. So, if bad patterns have been stored in the MCC, poor movement patterns will present and cause discomfort. Therefore, if we can test and treat the malfunctioning muscles, we can then re-teach the muscle. This will correct the poor movement pattern and resolve the pain.

Single leg stand
Left (before): ankle spent most time in pronation, second and third toes gripped heavily. Able to stand longer with instability.
Right (after): ankle spend most in neutral, second and third toes are relaxed. Able to stand longer with stability.


For a lay person, when a car (body) is malfunctioning, we (client/patient) might not be able to figure out what the problem is until a mechanic (therapist) assess and tell us. And if a tyre is flat (body parts injured), and we keep driving, the rim of the car is going to have friction with the surface of the road, thus causing more damage until we fix that tyre.

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