Gavin O'Brien

Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor

Gavin O’Brien
Physiotherapist / Pilates Instructor
Like many Irish men – Gavin has a fondness for travel. After completing his Physiotherapy degree in the UK and working in Scotland and Ireland, Gavin decided to come and work in New Zealand to continue his career.
With one year under his belt at Peak, he is very happy and enjoys the mixture of hands on Physiotherapy supported by a very high level of Pilates. Gavin’s background includes experience in sports, paediatrics, orthopedics, care of the elderly and child /adult disabilities. Since coming to NZ Gavin has completed further courses in Dry Needling and Mulligans Manual Therapy.

Outside of work Gavin likes to spend his time with his partner and 4 year old boy Troy. He also loves to exercise, eat well and continue his travelling around NZ. If you’re interested in improving your physical well-being regardless of injury or ability - book in with Gavin today.