Breathing is vital to our survival as we know, so with this knowledge, why are we not more focused on its importance?
We focus so much on what we eat, the shoes we wear and even the soap powder we use to wash our clothes in, but for so many of us, the importance of good breathing is often forgotten.

How we breathe has been shown to be linked to the posture we hold, our physical strength, our age, stress levels, lifestyle and many other factors.  It can also change dependant on how we control these factors.

Now, I know we are not able to change everything about ourselves at the drop of a hat, but I do know that we have the power to change certain things if the motivation is there. For example age is not something anyone can change, but posture on the other hand is. Along with this go strength, co-ordination and balance alike.

So with this thought: how could improving these factors benefit our breathing? Personally I think, significantly. In fact the team here at Peak knows this, as we have seen the depth, control and pattern of many of our clients’ breathing improve through Pilates.

So then the question looms, how is your breathing? Is it problematic, if so why is that? What could you improve that would have benefits to your breathing or how could Pilates help your breathing?

I guess the only way to truly know is to give it a go and see what Pilates can do to benefit you and your breathing.