Exercise Rehabilitation

Peak Pilates Exercises for Rehabilitation

Exercise Rehabilitation sessions are specifically designed on a bespoke basis to cater for people with specific rehabilitation needs (eg. chronic lower back pain, pre/post surgery, etc). Normal exercise may not be enough to help your body recover from sports injuries, surgery, and back pain and if unsupervised can sometimes do more harm than good. Our specialist rehabilitation exercises make use of the expertise and experience our physiotherapists have and with their guidance, we aim to help you recover your normal strength and health. You will work with a qualified physiotherapist, who will assess your needs and take you through an individually tailored programme. If you require rehabilitation due to an injury resulting from an accident, ACC may subsidise your sessions. Please discuss this with the physiotherapist.


1 Hour


Single Session from $114 (includes assessment)

First Session with ACC from $62 (includes assessment)

Ongoing Session from $114

Ongoing Session with ACC from $62