Our Method

Peak Pilates

Peak Pilates and Physiotherapy have researched and developed our method of Pilates based on a whole body – mind philosophy. We have developed our own certified and accredited courses through Stability Plus Pilates and have taught a wide range of people from Drs, Physiotherapists, Personal trainers and other Pilates instructors to people who are just passionate about gaining a deeper understanding of Pilates. All Peak staff must complete an intensive Pilates training programme where only the best are taken. We realise at Peak Pilates and Physiotherapy that everybody is different and therefore their needs are different. By designing our classes and programmes around our studies and from scientific research we are able to combine Pilates exercise techniques, with the expectation that not only will your body and physical well being be improved and transformed but so will your mind.

At Peak Pilates we individually tailor your exercise regime to your body’s needs as well as your own personal goals. Each of our Pilates instructors are fully trained and have worked with a variety of Pilates methods. Many are also trained Physiotherapists, with experience and knowledge to aid in the recovery of past injuries, pain or recurring physical conditions.

One of the Physiotherapy methods we use is called Biokinetik Exercise or BET. The Biokinetik Exercise Technique is incorporated into the Pilates method to give additional benefits to those people who have recurrent or chronic pain and injuries. It is a scientifically based exercise technique that uses the theoretical and practical principles of rehabilitation science. We know from scientific research that many physical injuries are caused by muscle, movement or postural imbalances which can cause biochemical stress across joints and soft tissue. This can contribute to degenerative changes and musculoskeletal pain. BET is only practiced by qualified Physiotherapists and is recognised and supported by ACC.

Pilates Workout at Peak Pilates