Rebecca Annan

Master Pilates Instructor


Rebecca is a Master Instructor and manager at Peak Pilates. She is also a manager of Stability Plus Pilates. She completed her Stability Plus Pilates tuition with Jason and Lorna Richardson in 2004, as well as graduating from Elam School of Fine Arts. During her time of employment at Peak Rebecca has continued her professional development in areas of rehabilitation and sports specific conditioning.

Rebecca first became interested in Pilates as an exercise to complement the wide range of physical sports that she participates in. Rebecca has been a swimmer at an international level, played underwater hockey, snowboards at every opportunity, has run marathons, enjoys road cycling and recently completed her first long course triathlon. As well as her regular sports Rebecca likes to be able to give anything a go, her body has to be ready for the challenge. Rebecca quickly became a true believer of Pilates. The control of strength and flexibility gained form the principles of Pilates added focus to Rebecca’s pursuits. As a passionate teacher Rebecca sees the improvement of her clients health and well being as a source of pride and achievement.