Introductory Class – SPECIAL OFFER!

introductory peak pilates class

By attending the One-on-One Introductory class we are able to help you understand how you can gain the most benefit from your Peak Pilates sessions.

A One-on-One Introductory Peak Pilates session is essential when you enrol for any of our classes.

During this session, we go over terms and terminology, positioning, muscle activation, an individual postural analysis, and an orientation of our studio. This will give you a foundation to build on during subsequent lessons (either private or group). The introductory session gives you the opportunity to discuss what you hope to achieve from the class and any health issues or injuries you may be concerned about.

If you do have health issues or injuries we can provide a specialist Physiotherapist/Pilates Instructor, to address all your concerns and help plan your pilates exercises around this.

The Introductory Class is about you, your needs and creating the best plan for your desired results.



1 Hour


Standard Introductory Session $92

Introductory Session (with Physio) From $108

Special Introductory Offer!

As a special promotion, we are happy to announce that whenever a new member signs up for a session that will introduce them to the world of benefits that pilates can bring we will give you a class for free. This is available for a limited time only.

Now is the ideal time to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness with our unique techniques. Pilates may sound a little intimidating but it’s an easy and enjoyable way to build strength in your core muscles and feel great both in mind and body.

The initial assessment is the foundation on which you can build your new healthier lifestyle. So join us at one of our studios and take advantage of this very special offer and the opportunity to meet like-minded people. After all, a few new friends to share your journey with, as well as keep the motivation levels up is a bonus there is no charge for.

Details Of Introductory Offer
Offer valid until end of June
To redeem the offer, you must request the offer when signing up

For your nearest studio please see our list here,

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