With summer approaching, everyone is working hard to get that dream summer body. But is your body really coping with the amount of strain you’re putting it through? We all like to think we’re invincible, but sometimes we need to pay a little bit more attention to what our body is telling us. Here are some tips to help you figure out when you should allow yourself to take a rest:

  1. Pain 

Pain is a good indication in life. If the body is not coping, it will start yelling at you. Pain is a warning from the body that you’re pushing it too hard.

There are a few types of pain. Shooting and stabbing, which indicates nerve involvement; pain that alters your exercise form; and pain that affects your daily activities. These are signs from your body, telling you that it’s not coping, and you need to stop and possibly seek medical advice.

  1. Exhaustion at rest

If you are tired even at rest, this is alarming as conditions like heart attack, heart failure, exercise-induced asthma or other issues might be developing. Exercises need to be ceased and you should seek medical advice immediately.

  1. Unexplained bruises

Often we have bruises from banging into objects. But if you can’t remember having any such incident, and you find bruises on your body, please seek medical advice.

Finally, if you find yourself with any sprains and/or muscular problems, you can seek advice from a physiotherapist without the need for a referral from your GP.