Gavin O'Brien

Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor

After completing his Physiotherapy degree in the United Kingdom, Gavin worked in the National Health Service and later returned to Ireland where he worked in private hospitals and sports clinics. In addition to his physiotherapy degree, Gavin has a background in Biomedical Engineering and is certified in Sports Massage Therapy and Sports First Aid.

Being a keen traveller, Gavin loves meeting people of all cultures and backgrounds and moved to New Zealand to further his career with Peak Pilates and Physiotherapy. Gavin believes in practising what he preaches and regularly runs, cycles and swims along with having a balanced diet. Since starting Pilates Gavin has been a huge advocate and believes it can be tailored to suit any individual regardless of age or ability.

With experience in sports, paediatrics, orthopaedics, care of the elderly and adult disabilities - Gavin enjoys working in all clinical settings and is inspired by people who want to improve their lives.

Outside of work Gavin likes to spend time with family and friends and has previously enjoyed volunteering with disabled swimming clubs and leading gentle movement classes for individuals affected by cancer.